8 thoughts on “A Writer’s Wishlist

  1. You’re an excellent writer who possesses concision and exactitude but dont be selfish. write somewhat faster you eloquent blog-head.

  2. That’s the best goddamn criticism/praise I’ve received in a long time. Much appreciated! (And, yes, as a matter of fact — and not just of post-eloquent cliché — I promise to write faster in the future).

  3. Well, pleasure to make your acquaintance young Eyolf. Enough chit-chat. This might interest you: Lapis Lazuli by W.B Yeats, stanza 2, second half: “All men have aimed at, found and lost;// Black out; Heaven blazing into the head:/ Tragedy wrought to its uttermost.”

  4. Sorry about calling you “Young Eyolf”, its a throwback from the days when I thought yoko ono was an artist. But seriously I’m much older now (No Bob! Age doesn’t doesn’t work that way, silly-billy).

  5. Last comment ever this week (I swears it on da grave of me dog, Maximus). stumbled upon an Auden poem “As I walked out one evening”, ’twas published in 1938. I was struck immediately by its resemblance to “As I went out one morning” on JWH, and was immediately disappointed by its lack of resemblance in content (bar that vague poetic way writers have who employ sweeping and conservative statements simultaneously), but on closer examination they’re both in ballad meter (borrowed from Dickinson, who I AM SURE Dylan read) with the same ABCB rhyme scheme and almost identical syllables per line. Also Auden’s piece was originally titled “Song”. Tenuous connections of which there may be no method to my madness, at most I can “hope” for a sub-conscious copying of style from Dylan, but there’s probably nothing to it. Have also found even-more-tenuous links (if possible) between “Frankie Lee and Judas priest ” and the standard “Frankie and Johnny”, but I’d say at this stage I just need to get a job.

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