“Lyrics Dustup Ends in Apology”

Wired News: Lyrics Dustup Ends in Apology

Kinda interesting, this one… Especially the last couple of paragraphs.

Beginning in January, the Music Publishers Association, of which Warner Chappell is a member, will begin pursuing a campaign against 5 to 6 such companies, according to MPA CEO Lauren Keiser.

“Lost revenue for rights holders is in the millions,” said Keiser, “We’re not going after fan clubs, but websites that make money.”

True, I do have that “small donations welcome” link hidden away at the bottom of some frame, but I guess that doesn’t really count — I’m a small potatoe here (sob! my ego is hurting!).
Anyway, for various reasons, I will not make any drastic changes quite yet, but stay tuned.

Thanks to Per Egil at www.chordie.com (another Norwegian in the tabbing trade) for the link.

5 thoughts on ““Lyrics Dustup Ends in Apology”

  1. Interesting, could it be they actually have a heart? Or is more likely it’s all about the money and they don’t want to waste time and funds going after the little guys.. I’d put my money on the latter..

  2. Well that would be a major loss since the official books, of which I own everything they publish, do not contain correct chording and no tabs that I have been able to find, except the generally good book on Dylan harmonica – a slim volume. Bring back the tabs!

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