10 thoughts on “The streets of Rome are filled with Rubble

  1. No, I’m the one behind the camera in this one. It would be sillly to reveal my real identity in such a simple way, wouldn’t it… :-)

  2. First off thank you for all the tabs – they are great. Just wanted to add to the numbers discussion. I too was intrigued with the comments in the book about playing with 3’s instead of 2’s, I asked around and pretty much came up with nothing. The only lead that I did find was pretty far off the beaten path.

    There is a Maxim magazine with Gina Gershon on the cover( sometime over a year ago). In the magazine she talks about boxing Bob Dylan and how Bob was teaching her a new system to playing the guitar that he had discovered. This, at least, makes me believe that he is not just messing with everyone like he will sometimes do. Maybe you should try to contact her and she can explain what he means.

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