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I’ve collected some browser statistics from the visitor tracker for the blog. IE is still in the lead, but nowhere near the 90% which was the state of affairs at the main site before november 1, 2004. A third of the visitors now use Firefox/Mozilla, which is what specialist’s and web developers’ sites usually have. I’m very satisfied with you!
The main site statistics are not as accurate — they only track the last 100 visitors — but there, the figures are 68%–18% at the moment. A little less for FF, which is expected, but still a good share.
Those of you who haven’t made the change yet, may want to read my top seven reasons not to use the thing with the blue e. (And, in case you’re concerned: you can have both browsers installed at the same time, and Firefox will ask if you want to import all your favorites from IE, so you will not lose anything.)

Here are the complete figures:
Internet Explorer (4, 5, 5.5, and 6): 15,481 (54%)
Mozilla (Firefox and the Mozilla suite): 9,450 (33%)
Netscape: 1,559
Konqueror: 963
Safari: 933
Opera: 264
Total: 28650

3 thoughts on “IE—FF 54—33

  1. :-)

    The funny thing — I don’t know if it is good or bad — is that when the new version of the blue e comes this fall (that’s what has been announced anyway), it will have some of the features of Firefox (most notably tabbed browsing), but it will be a rushed issue, because they want to curb the rise of Firefox, and it will be a bad, bad program. The new msn toolbar has a “preview” of the tabbed browsing function, which just plainly sucks. The good thing is of course that even more people may be convinced that they use IE just because it’s there, not because it is any good. The bad scenario, on the other hand, is that people may think that the IE version is tabbed browsing, and think, “nah, is that what all the FF-fuzz was about? Tabbed browsing sucks!”
    We’ll see.

  2. hello,
    i wasnt sure where to post a tab question but here it goes: i’ve never been able to quite get the correct strum to ‘lonesome whistle blues’ on the folksingers choice show. theres something about it that i just cant find. if you could possibly offer any suggestions, it would be much appreciated.

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