Things have changed

Sometimes things happen quickly, and you stand there, left behind with a feeling that you didn’t quite catch up, and now it’s too late…
No, it’s not that my grandpa died and there were so many things I would have wanted to say to him — he died in 1984 — I’m talking about the blog…
Just my luck: two weeks after I set it up, WordPress comes out with a new version (1.5, mind you!), packed with new features that I just simply must have. I download, follow all instructions, upload, — and the comments won’t show up.
The temporary solution was to abandon the theme that I had so carefully designed to match the colours of the main page. Shit happens. Maybe someday I will sit down and figure out what went wrong. Maybe I will also take that as an excuse to sit down and figure out some of that php that I would need to revamp the main site.
The moral of this story is, of course, that if there is something you want to tell your grandpa before he dies, do it now. But not in my blog… :-)

Update: in the meantime I worked out a way to solve it, but now I’ve come to like the new theme… Hm.

One thought on “Things have changed

  1. The new theme’s just as good. Don’t worry about it matching the main page, just make it any kind of funky colours you want.

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