Another Self Portrait — a review in sonata form

Slow intro, setting the theme One reviewer of this latest release in the Bootleg Series asks: “Remember the first time you heard Blonde On Blonde, or John Wesley Harding?” He is somehow implying that Another Self Portrait is the same kind of experience, having to do somehow with reinvention, recreation. Well, what can I say? […]

Another Self Portrait

Just a quick note to say that I’m looking forward to the release of the Bootleg Series vol. 10, Another Self Portrait, which will highlight the very interesting period around 1970, seeing the controversial releases of Self Portrait and New Morning. Since I consider this to be one of the two, perhaps three most interesting […]

My Fault (a punk song)

Tom Lehrer once said: “If you can’t communicate, the least you can do is shut up!” I’ve been living by that adage: if I don’t think what I have to say will make any difference, then why say it? I don’t have an expressive urge, and history is filled with great art, made and transmitted […]

Another “Best game ever” — so far

I’ve been out playing chess again. This particular game appeals particularly to me, for various reasons: it was a win, against a much stronger player; it was a calm and steady win, not decided by some fluke error in either direction, just a steady pressure which gradually increased the positional advantage up to five pawns’ […]

Would you pay for tabs?

Back when I closed down the site in 2006, I was in touch with the Dylan folks to try to get some kind of an official status for the site. It stranded because the licencees for the sheet music sales didn’t like the idea. My guess is that these “licencees” are just some branch of […]

It Ain’t Me, Babe meets the Devil (on a bad day)

Time for another track, perhaps. This one is a long time coming as well. It started with the idea that this song has two faces. One is the defiant, harsh, “screw you” character that puts it in the category with Positively 4th Street and Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat. The cocky, major-key bravado that says: “you may […]


Jokerman is, without any doubt whatsoever, one of the great classics on a rollercoaster album such as Infidels. The single-guitar version on dylanchords, however, never really did it for me: great song, great harmonies, but so thin when you’re alone with your guitar, without the exquisite drums’n’bass work by Sly and Robbie. Then, one day, […]

17. mai-tale i Balestrand, 1983

The following is the “17 May speech” my father gave in 1983. In Norwegian again, I’m afraid. * Her følger min fars 17.-mai-tale fra 1983. Det var  årets hovedtale ved 17. mai-feiringen i Balestrand ved Sognefjorden, holdt fra toppen av en gravhaug fra vikingetida, foran alle bygdas gode menn og kvinner, bunadkledde og feststemte, nøyaktig […]

Sommersamtale med Knausgård

Lyssna: Sommar i P1 med Karl Ove Knausgård   Karl Ove Knausgård har vært sommergjest i svensk radio. Det var tenkt som halvannen times uforpliktende småprat om løst og fast, men sånn kunne det selvfølgelig ikke bli. I stedet kom det til å handle om: «hva betyr det å være norsk? Hva vil det si […]