It Ain’t Me, Babe meets the Devil (on a bad day)

Time for another track, perhaps.

This one is a long time coming as well. It started with the idea that this song has two faces.

One is the defiant, harsh, “screw you” character that puts it in the category with Positively 4th Street and Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat. The cocky, major-key bravado that says: “you may think we have something going here, but we don’t.”

But there is also a more mellow angle to the song. All those things that it ain’t me that’s going to put up with — it’s not that they’re all that unreasonable, really, as long as they don’t turn into a lifestyle or a pattern of empty habit. In this light, the song becomes more of a second cousin of Idiot Wind or Sara — and a minor key would be much more suitable.

So I played it in A minor instead of C major, with exactly the same melody — and it worked.

And thus transformed from a put-down song to a breakup song, other references offered themselves up: Sympathy for the Devil, “there must be some way out of here”, etc.

The track is highly unfinished. I’m going to record a more polished version eventually, so take it for what it is.

It Ain’t Me, Babe meets the Devil on a bad day

16 thoughts on “It Ain’t Me, Babe meets the Devil (on a bad day)

    1. It’s supposed to sound weird. Weird and hard. Hard and brutal. Brutal and unyielding. Unyielding and sad. Besides, it was great fun to use a metal sound, probably for the first time in my life…

  1. It would be great if it sounded hard and brutal. But it doesnt sound hard and brutal. It sounds computerized. Perhaps a real amplifier should do the trick. Believe me: I aint got nothing against weird.

  2. Wow. Incredible. Had no idea your voice is that great. Like the way you changed the melody throughout the song – something Bob might do. You really have 3 different interpretations that are all fantastic. The D – E7 or whatever in the turn around is also great.

    I am forced to agree about the guitar distortion. As a guitar player, I have been searching for decent recording distortion all my life! After many years or searching find the VOX tonelab and a P90 Agile to be best for this type of crunch. You really need a LP style guitar so it doesn’t sound too harsh – but you need single coils to make it sound less artificial.

  3. Hi Eyolf, I like your interpretation of It Ain´t Me. How about a doing a gathering of bands playing only Bob Dylans songs? Could be here in Denmark.
    I´m sure it could be great.
    Our band is from Denmark and called “No Direction Home”. 6 Amateurs but a great band with a american woman in front singing BD´s songs. Se this: – This is from the first private presentation of the band.

  4. Sounded AMAZING! Perorming an open micofDylan tonight so Ineed inspiation!

    Thanks! I likethe Gypsy feelof it…almost like a Rolling THunder or James Taylor version.Great job!

  5. An old discussion but what the heck: I completely agree with Joe, this made that old song spring to life! Thanks a lot, and hey, Queen Jane in the link made one smile too – especially since I just yesterday wondered ( going thru lyrics in official page ) why I haven´t heard that Queen Jane at all. Thanks to our danish friends!

  6. Great version. I especially like the first couple of minutes with that psych-distortion of an otherwise dreamy bucolic guitar style – very nice. After all these years of using your site, I’ve often wondered what your singing voice sounds like. It’s rich, powerful and resonant. If you get a Dylan covers band together, make sure you fit in a couple of dates in England (I, too, am compulsively lazy) :)

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