Da løgnen kom inn i norsk politikk

Jeg har nå funnet det nøyaktige øyeblikk da det begyndte å gå utfor med norsk politikk, og jeg har fotobevis for saken. Det skjedde den 21. oktober (eller deromkring) i 1974 – den dagen da Carl I. Hagen for første gang vandret opp Løvebakken som fast møtende representant, etter Anders Langes død den 18. oktober. […]

En strategi om religion og fornuft

This is a post about islam. Or maybe not – it’s mostly about the value of having a society that is based on secular, rational principles. It’s in Danish, because it relates to a discussion that was going on in Denmark over the summer. Hvorfor er det nu, at det for medier og politikere er […]

“This Machine . . . “

“What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could […]

17. mai-tale i Balestrand, 1983

The following is the “17 May speech” my father gave in 1983. In Norwegian again, I’m afraid. * Her følger min fars 17.-mai-tale fra 1983. Det var  årets hovedtale ved 17. mai-feiringen i Balestrand ved Sognefjorden, holdt fra toppen av en gravhaug fra vikingetida, foran alle bygdas gode menn og kvinner, bunadkledde og feststemte, nøyaktig […]

Sommersamtale med Knausgård

Lyssna: Sommar i P1 med Karl Ove Knausgård   Karl Ove Knausgård har vært sommergjest i svensk radio. Det var tenkt som halvannen times uforpliktende småprat om løst og fast, men sånn kunne det selvfølgelig ikke bli. I stedet kom det til å handle om: «hva betyr det å være norsk? Hva vil det si […]

Why ABB Shouldn’t Be Roasted Over a Slow-Burning Fire

I’m outraged — by my own wish that Anders Behring Breivik be treated as a human being. My basest instincts would love to see him fry in a very earthly hell. But although the though of him living on and perhaps even coming out into society 21 years from now, in principle cleared of his […]

A Monument of Civilization?

It now seems that the atrocities in Oslo and Utøya were commited by a single person. I think we can rule out completely any kind of organization. Apparently, the killer – a tall, blond native Norwegian, age 32, who speaks the local dialect – was taken to the island on the organizers’ own boat. Now, […]

Four Simple Facts

Whenever I’ve been concerned, these past few weeks, about the future of Egypt, Libya, Tunis, and the other countries where the people (the People? which people? — Sorry, just a digression) have been revolting; about why the revolters are chanting “Allah’u akbar”; about what is true and what is not about Al-Qaida and the Muslim […]

Bliss, understanding, and power

Ten points to those who know which important document the following quotation comes from: If one group of people wears white clothes in mourning and another group puts on black, the sentiment of each group will be adjusted according to these two colours, i.e., one group rejects the black colour on such an occasion while […]

“Why don’t you also block …?”

I receive a lot of suggestions of other countries to boycott. Turkey, North Korea, Sudan, etc. So why don’t I also block them? 1. This is not a crusade against every injustice in the world. It is a contribution to the cultural boycott of Israel because of its treatment of Gaza and the Palestinians, as […]