Baby Blue: Bob Dylan’s songs Reinterpreted

The Danish artist Steffen Brandt has reinterpreted a number of Dylan songs and presented them in a theatre concert. The show runs at Betty Nansen Teatret in Copenhagen until the end of January. Here’s my review of the show (in Danish).

Good Links: Theme Time Radio and Tell Tale Signs

Scott Warmuth, who first discovered Dylan’s extensive borrowing from Henry Timrod for the lyrics to Modern Times and went on to dig deeper into the Ovidian connection, presents more findings in his blog. Well worth a visit! The third season of Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour is well underway, and it’s as good as it […]

Alex Ross: The Wanderer

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise: The Wanderer I’ve only recently gotten involved in the blog world, and this is one of the blogs I’ve realized I’ve missed. Alex Ross is known in the Dylan world as the author of one of the best recent articles about Dylan, and in the rest of the world […]

Arts & Letters Daily

Arts & Letters Daily – ideas, criticism, debate This has now become my start page. One new article daily, in each of three categories (roughly: commentaries on current news, new books, and essays of a wider cultural scope). Just enough to keep the live and thinking person in me well fed and nourished for the […]