Et glemt vers som forandrer det hele

Måske er det en af det 20. århundredes mest misbrugte sange: Nordahl Griegs Kringsat af fiender. Sådan tænkte jeg i hvert fald længe. Som kampsang for fredsbevegelsen har den fået et skær af det sentimentale, hvor kontrasten mellem »granatenes glidende bånd« og »som om vi bar et barn / varsomt på armen« bliver det bærende […]

Would you pay for tabs?

Back when I closed down the site in 2006, I was in touch with the Dylan folks to try to get some kind of an official status for the site. It stranded because the licencees for the sheet music sales didn’t like the idea. My guess is that these “licencees” are just some branch of […]

Things Twice, the book — now in html

I admit it: the chords part of dylanchords may be in a decent state (apart from the use of frames, which is sooo last century), but the articles are a mess. There’s the collected pdf volume, the selected links on the Self-ordained Professors page, the blog posts here, and the introductions to some of the […]

A Writer’s Wishlist

I wish I could write as quickly as I think. I wish I could think as quickly as you read. I wish you would read as slowly as I write.

A New Home

The blog has been down for a while. How long, I don’t know, and that’s embarrassingly revealing of my recent neglect of the site. In any case, I decided to move the whole thing to my own webspace, and it seems that the transition has worked out nicely. Not that I was dissatisfied with the […]

The many ways of stealing

I’ve mentioned it before: I don’t mind Dylan lifting lines from Timrod. I do mind his uncredited appropriations of entire pieces of music, but little snippets of text here and there — that’s a completely different matter. In all the many discussions and opinions about this matter, two areas have been mentioned with some frequency, […]

Identity, sortof

I’ve been living abroad since I was 20 — the very term ‘abroad’ doesn’t even make much sense anymore; I consider myself a Swede from Norway, being truly at home in Denmark (and spending most of my days in an international world of the Internet, TV, and music). Without going into detail, there may be […]

Things Twice – The Book

For various reasons, I’ve put my Dylan-oriented writings together to a book. It is available for download at (2 Mb). The main reason I have done this has nothing to do with Dylan, but more with Seal: it’s an experiment in LaTeX, inspired by the wonders of this typesetting environment, gradually revealed to me […]