St Stallman: A Hero of the Highest Order

“I’m not God — I’m just a saint.” Richard M. Stallman The Phoenix > News Features > Tilting at Windows Richard M. Stallman is a legendary figure without whom the world would have looked very different, and one of those few whose initials — RMS — is a concept, on a par with JFK and […]

Browser stats, day #3

Can you tell me what is strange with this picture, which shows the browsers that have been used to view the pages on this site during the three days since I moved? If you say: “That Firefox has almost 50%, and more than IE”, you’re part right. On the other hand: it is not surprising, […]

LaTeX vs. Word vs. Writer

I’ve earlier performed a little test, comparing two files: one produced with MS Word, the other with Writer. The purpose then was to demonstrate that Word isn’t necessarily such a bad piece of software — it’s just not always used in a way which is likely to give nice results: most people don’t change […]

Useful software III: Image viewers and editors

I wrote earlier about a new image viewer — FastStone. I did like it, but it turned out the “Fast” part was an exaggeration. For a quick, efficient, feature-rich picture viewer/editor, there are really only two alternatives: irfanview and XnView. Which one is the right one, depends on your needs, but they’re both free and […]

“. . . whatever / I Stumble Upon”

It started with “google” — an internet term which became a standard word in any word class and in any language. Then it was “blog”, which is apparently the word that most quickly has been entered in French dictionaries. But where I live, “Stumble” tops them all. People can be ‘thumbs-upped’ for their great stumbles. […]

IE—FF 54—33

I’ve collected some browser statistics from the visitor tracker for the blog. IE is still in the lead, but nowhere near the 90% which was the state of affairs at the main site before november 1, 2004. A third of the visitors now use Firefox/Mozilla, which is what specialist’s and web developers’ sites usually have. […]

Useful software, update

Having tested the various file management programs a little more thoroughly, I’ve ended up with a fifth favorite: Total Commander. The main features are more or less the same as in the other programs (two panels, tabs, ftp client and archive support integrated, almost unlimited configurability, great keyboard support, etc.), but it works more smoothly, […]

Useful software

Now that I’ve come up with some new tabs, I think I’ve earned the right to talk about something else again. I’ve revamped my computer lately, and found some stuff that I thought I’d pass on. After two years of heavy use, loads of downloads, installations, ex-stallations, trial versions etc., my computer was becoming excruciatingly […]

The Battle of Wichita — the full story

OK, here’s the full story of the battle of Wichita, as requested. It sounds pretty easy at first — just a run down similar to so many other songs (The Wicked Messenger, Down the Highway, and quite a few others), but when it came down to figuring out the details… One thing was for certain: […]