Four Simple Facts

Whenever I’ve been concerned, these past few weeks, about the future of Egypt, Libya, Tunis, and the other countries where the people (the People? which people? — Sorry, just a digression) have been revolting; about why the revolters are chanting “Allah’u akbar”; about what is true and what is not about Al-Qaida and the Muslim […]

Bliss, understanding, and power

Ten points to those who know which important document the following quotation comes from: If one group of people wears white clothes in mourning and another group puts on black, the sentiment of each group will be adjusted according to these two colours, i.e., one group rejects the black colour on such an occasion while […]

Can Anything Good Come From North Carolina?

Some times things move quickly. In a couple of minutes, one gets a handful of friends for life. Here’s How After more years than I care to think about as a somewhat (some people might say) autistic Dylan listener, I woke up one day with the urge to find out what had happened in the […]