Lessons: update

Just a quick note to say that I haven’t abandoned the lessons series, I’ve just been having a Christmas and a headache.

What remains are: Two days of fingerpicking glory, one more chord lesson covering the thousands of chords remaining; a brief look into open tunings (with an obvious focus on Blood on the Tracks); a batch of licks and tricks; and a final lesson summing up some things that might be worth a word or two in addition to what has already been said — tuning, chord family characters, etc.

3 thoughts on “Lessons: update

  1. Thanks Eyolf… I first learnt to play using your site about seven years ago, but these lessons are fascinating and it’s nice to add a bit of theory to my understanding. I’m hoping the fingerpicking lessons will improve my rudimentary thumb+two-finger efforts. The offer to buy you a drink still stands!

    Moreover, I never thought I’d find another Dylan fan(atic) who is also a Linux evangelist and LaTeX-er. I frequently direct TeX cynics to your Word/OO comparisons.

    Seal is a brilliant idea, and although I haven’t spent much time looking at it yet, I would love to help you out if ever I can.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. I don’t know about evangelist, but if pointing out where the light is and the stupidity of those who haven’t seen it counts as evangelizing, then yes, I’m an evangelist. :)
    Seal isn’t my project but entirely the work of Heinrich Küttler, another linuxer here and the one evangelized me over from the dark side. I don’t know if he needs any help.
    There is another possible project where your help will be welcome if/when it materializes. No details yet, but stay tuned!

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