A quick note on Tell Tale Signs

Just to say: this is a tremendous piece of work!

And: I don’t mind Dylan leaving gems off the official albums, as long as he puts them out like this instead.

And: in a way, it’s even better like this. Hearing facets of the work of a creative mind over a limited period of time can be even more rewarding than a single shot (like an album) or a carreer-spanning tour de force (like the original Bootleg Series 1-3).

More on this later. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “A quick note on Tell Tale Signs

  1. I completely agree. Outtakes, halfsongs, unreleased, it doesn’t matter. An amazing “bootleg”, as all his are. Speaking of unreleased and the like, I have some stuff that you may or may not have and/ or be in interested in. Shoot me an email.

  2. I thought Dylan’s most accessible modern album was the Bootleg series, vol 3 – the one with the pretty acoustic Blood on the Tracks tunes. Everything neat and tidy, excellent songs, excellent music, not too much nasal twang.

    # Tangled Up in Blue
    # Call Letter Blues
    # Idiot Wind
    # If You See Her, Say Hello
    # Golden Loom
    # Catfish
    # Seven Days
    # Ye Shall Be Changed
    # Every Grain Of Sand
    # You Changed My Life
    # Need a Woman
    # Angelina
    # Someone’s Got a Hold of My Heart
    # Tell Me
    # Lord, Protect My Child
    # Foot of Pride
    # Blind Willie McTell
    # When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky
    # Series of Dreams

  3. Part of the second line from ” ‘cross The green mountain” is borrowed/stolen/taken/reworked/referenced from a W.B Yeats poem. Can’t locate it now, but someone who can work thin nefarious web can (or has a book of poems… IMAGINE!). “Heaven blazing in my head”. Hope this’ll help all your great work. With love and theft, Ois-spudz

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