Adam in Bama

or Myanmar and The Fine Art of Political Correctnessing What do you call that country in South East Asia where the streets are filled with monks in red, protesting 45 years of military rule? Do you call it “Burma” and reveal yourself as a post-colonial, pseudo-imperialist aggressor who deep down thinks that it would have […]

KDE help — give me a break!

I use KDE, the most usable Linux desktop environment. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love KDE, but I couldn’t live without it either. Except on those certain days, that is. When I want to look up something in a help file. This is one of those days. Frankly, and no offense, […]

Browser stats, day #3

Can you tell me what is strange with this picture, which shows the browsers that have been used to view the pages on this site during the three days since I moved? If you say: “That Firefox has almost 50%, and more than IE”, you’re part right. On the other hand: it is not surprising, […]


“Well I really wasn’t such a Johnny Ace fan, But I felt bad all the same” I don’t think any death in the classical world could have touched me as much as this one, without there being any specific reason for being touched, since I wasn’t really into this particular kind of popular hawling of […]

A Norwegian Bestseller

“Agora: Journal for Metaphysical Speculation” — sounds exciting, right? If one is not thrilled by the prospects of 450 pages of metaphysical speculation, it may make it more interesting to know that well over 300 of them are about Bob Dylan. . . Agora is a scholarly journal of philosophy, which in my early university […]

A New Home

The blog has been down for a while. How long, I don’t know, and that’s embarrassingly revealing of my recent neglect of the site. In any case, I decided to move the whole thing to my own webspace, and it seems that the transition has worked out nicely. Not that I was dissatisfied with the […]