The politics of typography

Did you ever consider the political implications of the ascii standard? No? Thought so. Someone who did is Robert Bringhurst. And these are not the only implications of typography that he has considered. The title of his book The Elements of Typographical Style may not be sexy, not the kind of thing you would read […]

Chimes of Freedom

Chimes of Freedom was, I think, the first Dylan song that I really made an effort to transcribe. This was before the days of the Internet and in my case also before the days of Lyrics, so if I wanted the words on paper, I had to write them out myself. Which I wanted, and […]

Useful software III: Image viewers and editors

I wrote earlier about a new image viewer — FastStone. I did like it, but it turned out the “Fast” part was an exaggeration. For a quick, efficient, feature-rich picture viewer/editor, there are really only two alternatives: irfanview and XnView. Which one is the right one, depends on your needs, but they’re both free and […]

“. . . whatever / I Stumble Upon”

It started with “google” — an internet term which became a standard word in any word class and in any language. Then it was “blog”, which is apparently the word that most quickly has been entered in French dictionaries. But where I live, “Stumble” tops them all. People can be ‘thumbs-upped’ for their great stumbles. […]

Wedding song

I try to be meek and mild. I try to be humourous too. And I’m always serious. Honestly. To some people, those don’t seem to go together well. I’ve never received more complaints — verging on the indignant — than after I wrote about Wedding Song that It may be a silly song, hastily written, […]