Once in a while, I am notified of lyric mistakes in the tab files. Sometimes there is no excuse, other times I can blame it on a lack of knowledge of idiomatic expressions in English, or just on bad pronunciation on Dylan’s part. But in a large number of cases the mistake is not mine: the error comes from Dylan himself, or at least from whoever has revised (or, as some would say: corrupted) the official, copyrighted lyrics, to be found, e.g., on
For a while, I made a habit of copying the lyrics from there when they were available, both because it was convenient, and because it was “right”. But eventually, I decided it was more useful to make new transcriptions from scratch.
This has resulted in a number of files with “wrong” lyrics. My plea to you all, then, is: if you come across one of these, would you please drop me a note, write a comment here, or use the form below and notify me about it (which also gives me the chance to try out yet another WordPress extension: the Contact Form)?

2 thoughts on “Help!

  1. I don’t wanna feel like a nitpicker, but you asked for it: in Property of Jesus, in the fourth verse, the line endings are switched around (though I think he says something else at the end). I’ll keep my eyes open.

  2. Dear Eyolf

    I came across your tabs on Dylan’s Tomorrow is a long time (the live version off of Greatest Hits Vol.2). It’s been a great help and it seems so very accurate. But I do wonder if there’s any way that you could make tabs of the transitions to and from the “D/f#” and “D7/f#” as I have great difficulties getting that part straight. I was recently challenged to play this song at an up-coming dinner party and would greatly appreciate it if there’s any way you could help me with this. Like I said, the part of the song that you have already made tabs to have been a great help as I’m picking up the guitar again after some 15 years of non playing. Oh, If you doo have tabs on the part I’m looking for already, maybe you could direct me to it, or e-mail it to me. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards

    P.S. What’s your opinion on the Danish band Kashmir? D.S.

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