Useful software, update

Having tested the various file management programs a little more thoroughly, I’ve ended up with a fifth favorite: Total Commander. The main features are more or less the same as in the other programs (two panels, tabs, ftp client and archive support integrated, almost unlimited configurability, great keyboard support, etc.), but it works more smoothly, […]

Useful software

Now that I’ve come up with some new tabs, I think I’ve earned the right to talk about something else again. I’ve revamped my computer lately, and found some stuff that I thought I’d pass on. After two years of heavy use, loads of downloads, installations, ex-stallations, trial versions etc., my computer was becoming excruciatingly […]


Once in a while, I am notified of lyric mistakes in the tab files. Sometimes there is no excuse, other times I can blame it on a lack of knowledge of idiomatic expressions in English, or just on bad pronunciation on Dylan’s part. But in a large number of cases the mistake is not mine: […]