Free Scores

These are a number of scores that I have put together over the years, mainly for my own pleasure. They are all produced in Lilypond (a music typesetting environment with some similarities with LaTeX). Included are also the source files and midi-files generated in the process. Be warned: they are not necessarily worth listening to …

Take them as is: in most cases, no attempts have been made to fulfill strict editorial criteria.

Oh, and sorry about the crappy layout — for the time being, this is simply a dump of the score directory, with the files in no particular order (crappy php coding behind the scenes, too). In due time, I will prepare a nicer site.

In order to use the lilypond files, you will need the files in the lib directory. On my system, they reside in ~/.templates/, and this path is hard-coded in the various .ly files, so you will have to change that manually.

General scores

Two seventeenth-century collections of laude

The files called "longo-" are the edition of a collection of laude from 1608, and the files named "ms55-" are from a late-seventeenth-century collection. They are both interesting for going way beyond what is customary in this repertory in terms of musical effects. Laude are usually very plain and simple songs for communal singing, but these settings take it a step or two further.

I've also made recordings of most of the songs from MS55: a laptop, a cheap mike, four-track recording in Ardour (studio software) and some inventive (ab)use of effects plugins, and my office desk is magically turned into a cathedral and myself into the cathedral choir …

The recordings are found here.

Tarquinio Longo: Lodi e canzonette (1608)

Anonymous lauda collection, ms55 (c. 1675)